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2020-02-27 01:43 The hidden ballroom under a mansion lake was built by a criminal who ate a cyanide pill during his trial. Witley Wonder Underwater Ballroom Atlas Obscura SURREY, ENGLAND WITLEY WONDER UNDERWATER BALLROOM The hidden ballroom under a mansion lake was built by a criminal who ate a cyanide pill during his trial.

Oct 08, 2012  In more recent times Witley Hall has been used as a conference and corporate entertainment venue but its current owner, a communications mogul named Gary Steele, has turned his back on such ventures and once again the rooms under the lake are cloaked in a degree of secrecy. witley ballroom under lake

Dec 08, 2014 A Secret Ballroom Built In The 1800s Lies Under A Lake, Guarded By Neptune. December 8, 2014. A giant statue of Neptune sits atop an underwater dome enclosing a secret room under the lake of [location removed at current owner's request due to recent breakins in England.

Godalming, England Witley Wonder Underwater Ballroom The hidden ballroom under a mansion lake was built by a criminal who ate a cyanide pill during his trial. witley ballroom under lake

Witley Wonder Underwater Ballroom. A Secret ballroom lies under a lake with a giant statue of Neptune guarding it. No one dances here any more. The underwater ballroom now owned by entrepreneur Gary Steele lies empty. Dec 11, 2014 The Rotting Underwater Ballroom of a Victorian Bernie Madoff. By MessyNessy. December 11, 2014. SHARE. Facebook. F. Twitter. T. Pinterest. P. Beneath the lake of a once lavish Victorian estate built by a flamboyant mining tycoon, Witley Park is now a private family home, This is the famed underwater aquarium and smoking room, also called the ballroom because of its shape, that Whitaker Wright built to entertain his guests. The ballroom under the lake at Witley Park. Photo credit: Dan RavenFlickr. James Whitaker Wright was born in Stafford, in 1846. witley ballroom under lake Nov 08, 2011 Not much left: Little of the original Witley Park remains, but there is still a ballroom under this lake. At 16st, with a huge head and neck, Wright was an imposing figure, gifted with the sort of

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