What color underwear to wear under white scrubs

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If you are wearing white scrubs, the clothes underneath have to be white or a light color. For example, you dont want to be wearing hot pink underwear that will clearly be visible under white scrubs. That will make you look unprofessional. If you are a woman consider a color that wont make your bra pop out from your scrubs. what color underwear to wear under white scrubs

What to Wear Beneath Your Scrubs. So for these reasons, no exposed clothing is allowed. Today, surgery room attire consists almost solely of shortsleeved vneck scrub tops and drawstring scrub pants, usually made of green cotton or cottonpolyester blend.

If your scrubs are white, wear a white Tand boxers or midway (longer inseam) boxer briefs as well (think of enlisted sailors and their white Cracker Jacks and youll know what I mean). While were on the subject, when you are allowed to wear colored scrubs, please keep it simple. what color underwear to wear under white scrubs

White will show, but if they are modest, that's OK. If you don't want them to show, wear nude color. The most important thing is that the scrubs FIT a little large is better than a little small. If you have to wear white scrubs then stick with a color that matches your particualr skin tone ie tan or beige if you are caucasion, going darker if you skin is darker. Rj. Share this post. Link to post I have seen bright red and smiley faces panties under white scrubs, and the obvious thong showing above hippster scrubs. All very By Cindy Lima. The color of your uniform scrubs is a big factor on what you should wear underneath. If you are wearing white scrubs, the clothes underneath have to be white or a light color. For example, you dont want to be wearing hot pink underwear that will clearly be visible under white scrubs. That will make you look unprofessional. what color underwear to wear under white scrubs The right and wrong way to wear white scrubs! Here are my tips on uniform style for those of you stuck wearing white: (1) Watch the underwear: White scrubs do NOT hide any sins. At all. Do not wear striped underwear, pink underwear or any other color undergarments except for white or flesh toned unless you want everyone to know what your skivvies look like.

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