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2020-02-20 10:41 My buddies just went down for their Clasico vs America last week. Most of them are America fans and they had a great experience, they said some banter and comments but no altercations and everyone around them had a good experience! I think this one will be great for Sounders fans and I just recommend they travel together!

PREGAME SUMMARY: 2019 MLS Preseason presented by Advocare Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders Kino North Stadium Tucson, Arizona Wednesday, Feb. 13 sounders vs tigres highlights

Mar 16, 2019 Watch highlights between Chicago Fire and Seattle Sounders FC.

Mar 07, 2018  Highlights: Seattle Sounders FC vs Chivas de Guadalajara March 7, 2018 Seattle Sounders FC. Champions League Match Highlights: Tigres UANL at Toronto FC (Leg 1) sounders vs tigres highlights

Seattle Sounders boss Brian Schmetzer made seven changes from his CCL round of 16 lineup to his MLS opener, resting Clint Dempsey and Chad Marshall against LAFC and preparing a halftime swap of Jul 22, 2018  Seattle Sounders vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Highlights, stats and quotes New, 24 comments I think just getting the three points today was the intention and thats the positive. Tigres vs Seattle Sounders. submitted 5 years ago by leogglyl. Dear r Sounders should win against Tigres about 23 of the time. Mexican teams are no longer guaranteed a win at home anymore as we showed in the group stages. The gap is shrinking and it won't be long before it closes completely. sounders vs tigres highlights 12 days ago  Seattle Sounders vs. Colorado Rapids: Highlights, stats and quotes. New, 5 comments Im going to compliment my team, that was a pretty tremendous opening 10 minutes. They were up for the game. Sounders FC became the first MLS team to beat a Mexican opponent in the Champions League knockout rounds, earning a comeback for the ages against Tigres UANL at CenturyLink Field. PREGAME SUMMARY: 2019 MLS Preseason presented by Advocare Seattle Sounders vs. Houston Dynamo Kino Sports Complex North Stadium, Tucson, Ariz. Saturday, Feb. 9 8 PM ET Stream: SoundersFC. com Mar 16, 2019  33 Responses to Chicago Fire vs. Seattle Sounders FC HIGHLIGHTS March 16, 2019. Michael Pastore Jr. March 18, 2019 at 6: 15 am. Thanks for uploading these so quick. Anyway to get them in 1080 resolution though? Reply. Charlie ND. March 18, 2019 at 6: 15 am. Damn the fire got embarrassed.

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