A1 crash today bedfordshire

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Major crash on the A421 Great Barford Bypass in Bedfordshire at A1 Back Cat Roundabout. There's been a major crash on the A421 Great Barford Bypass in Bedfordshire at the A1 Blackcat Roundabout. a1 crash today bedfordshire

Get in touch with us or stay up to date with our latest news and updates. Live Email Traffic Alerts Get live email alerts whenever there is a traffic incident or roadworks on the roads you travel that may cause congestion or jams.

The A1 has been closed northbound near Baldock after a serious crash this morning. Two vehicles are said to have been involved in the accident which happened at around 8. 50am today (November 24 a1 crash today bedfordshire

Police appeal for witnesses to today's A421 crash and for help locating the driver Bedfordshire police have released a statement following the accident on the A421 this afternoon in which they are appealing for witnesses for help locating the driver. Severe accident: M1 Bedfordshire southbound BBC News Travel M1 Bedfordshire southbound severe accident, from J11 for A505 Dunstable Road Dunstable South to J10 for A1081. Charges follow A1 accident Berwickshire News 15: 28 11Mar19. Driver charged after headon car crash Dundee Courier, Scotland 14: 42 11Mar19. Man charged following headon collision on A1 in East Lothian Edinburgh Live 13: 01 11Mar19. a1 crash today bedfordshire Sep 23, 2014  A pilot died when two singleseater light aircraft collided in midair over Bedfordshire, causing one to crash to the ground. It happened at Tempsford near the Black Cat roundabout on the A1 Plane crashes into field near A1 after colliding midair with another light aircraft. The light aircraft crashed into a field near the A1 at Tempsford, Bedfordshire, at about 8. 30am today. RECAP: M11, A1 and A421 closed following spate of collisions one 'serious' casualty reported Police statement on A1 crash. A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: Travel: Morning traffic news for Monday 19th January On the A1 southbound in Biggleswade, one lane is closed and there is queuing traffic before Biggleswade North because of an accident involving a lorry and recovery work.

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