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2020-02-18 16:33 The leading producer of silk in the world today is China followed by other countries Italy, Japan and India. Sericulture is the term used to describe the production of cocoon for the filament. The workm species are cultivated and raised under ascertained condition of the nutrition and environment.

The silk produced by other insects, mainly spiders, is used in a small number of other commercial applications, for example weapons, telescopes, and other optical instruments. The commercial process of silk making is highly complex and labor intensive. The following will provide basic information on how silk is made. how is silk made today

Silk is important to us today because it's used for many types of clothing, parachutes, bicycle tires, comforter fillings, artillery gunpowder bags and many other goods.

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The cocoon is made of a single thread of raw silk which is usually between 300 and 900 metres long (thats 1, 000 to 3, 000 feet). The fibres are very fine and lustrous, about 10 m (0. 0004 in) in diameter if you dont know about microns, check out this article. How Is Silk Used Today Clothing Cloths made of silk have a high perceived value. Different twisting methods produce different silk fabric, including crepe, shantung and satin. Today China is the leading silk producer of the world. Other major silk producing countries include Japan, India and Italy. Production of Silk Characteristics of Silk Identifying of Silk Four Varieties of Natural Silk. The Silk Worm Production of Silk from Cocoon to Factory Sericulture: The production of cocoon for their filament is called sericulture. how is silk made today One of the softest fabrics on the planet, shiny, breathable and comfortable, silk has been a highly prized cloth since it was first harvested thousands of years ago. And despite advances in production methods and new possibilities for cultivation, still today the only reasonable way to glean the thread in mass quantities is by Silk is made from the juice coming through a hole in the mouth of the silk worms. In about 25 days, they give out cocoons. Onefifth of the weight of a cocoon is silk. Chiffon silk is a soft and light silk made from a very highly twisted yarn strong but still very thin used for womens formal dresses. Raw silk is often used for sport coats and ladies suits, when layers of liquid serecin is left on the silk fiber a rough and coarse silk is produced known as raw

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