Uses for different types of rice

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Rice. Information about all types of rice including white rice, brown rice, long grain rice, short grain rice, Arborio (risotto) rice and wild rice plus lots of rice recipes. Rice is one of the most important staple foods in many cultures and regions, especially in Southeast uses for different types of rice

Rice is the perfect grain to serve with everyday meals. It is easy to cook and is healthier than you think. Here are six different types of rice I use to feed my family.

Feb 07, 2019  All types of rice break down into two basic categories: whole grain rice and white rice. Whole grain rice has been minimally processed, so that it retains its nutrient rich husk. Because whole grain rice is not husked, it takes longer to cook, but it also tends to be uses for different types of rice

Guide to Rice Varieties LongGrain Rices. American longgrain white rice is the most familiar rice in American kitchens. MediumGrain Rices. Japanesestyle rice is used for sushi, but also served plain as a finish ShortGrain Rices. Arborio rice is the most widely available variety of Italian uses for different types of rice

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