Types of cannula for tracheostomy

2020-02-27 11:24 Tracheostomy Tubes Tracheostomy tubes are supplied in a wide variety of styles and designs that differ in function, materials, construction and accessories. This allows them to be classified according to shape, size, degree of flexibility, and other qualities.

Different types of tracheostomy tubes Uncuffed tubes. Uncuffed tubes do not have a cuff that can be inflated inside Fenestrated tubes. Fenestrated tubes have an opening (s) on the outer cannula, Singlecannula tubes. Singlecannula tubes were historically the first to be sited in types of cannula for tracheostomy

Obstruction of a cuffed tracheostomy tube is a potentially life threatening emergency. Wherever possible a dual cannula tube (i. e. a tube with an inner cannula) should be used, particularly for patients cared for outside of a specialist environment who may not have immediate access to

15 rows Types of Tracheostomy Tubes. A commonly used tracheostomy tube consists of three parts: outer cannula with flange (neck plate), inner cannula, and an obturator. The outer cannula is the outer tube that holds the tracheostomy open. A neck plate extends from the sides of the outer tube and has holes to attach cloth ties or velcro strap around the neck. types of cannula for tracheostomy

How can the answer be improved? We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Types of tubes and appliances: Jackson (plain) Tracheostomy Tube: This stainless steel tube does not have a cuff or 15 mm adaptor. Lorae Tracheostomy Tube: Identical to Jackson tube except that inner cannula has a 15 mm adaptor. Shiley Low Pressure Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube (Fig. types of cannula for tracheostomy

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