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2020-02-28 20:26 IBMMAINFRAMES. com Support Forums COBOL Programming: IBM Manuals: Quick References View previous 2010 4: 25 pm Post subject: Reply to: What is Data Type of Index of the Array. Hi Mohammad, Posting your code would be helpful to get a solution. the INDEX contains the offset into the table of the data item referenced by the INDEX, not the

The following table shows the correspondence between the data types that are available in COBOL and CC. cobol data types ibm

COBOL Numeric Data Types. Some compilers have comp4 and comp5 data types, usually to emulate a comp type of another system, like an IBM mainframe. There are other COBOL binary data types, such as index and pointer, but they are used internally in the program,

Equivalent SQL and COBOL data types When you declare host variables in your COBOL programs, the precompiler uses equivalent SQL data types. When you retrieve data of a particular SQL data type into a host variable, you need to ensure that the host variable is of an equivalent data type. cobol data types ibm

The COBOL and Java data ranges are similar. For boolean, byte, char, short, and int, the COBOL range is identical to the Java range or larger. For float and double, the COBOL data range depends on the machine implementation. Void has no COBOL equivalent. The underlying data type is what a parallel job data set understands. The following table summarizes the underlying data types that columns definitions can have: Table 1. Academic computer scientists were generally uninterested in business applications when COBOL was created and were not involved in its design; it was (effectively) designed from the ground up as a computer language for business, with an emphasis on inputs and outputs, whose only data types were numbers and strings of text. cobol data types ibm Part 4: Numeric Fields. COBOL has several types of numeric fields. These data types include a DISPLAY field, which is composed of characters (the EBCDIC or ASCII characters for 0 9), binary fields, packed fields, and floatingpoint fields. There are also options for a separate or sign or a sign overpunch, Data Name. Before using the data names in the procedure division it must be defined in the Data Division. Data Names must be user defined names. Precaution should be taken that it should not be a reserved word. Reference is given by the data name to the memory locations where the actual data is stored. Data name is either elementary or group type. COBOL Data Types Denoted by PICTURE (PIC) clause. PIC clause provides the data type along with a length. There are 3 main data types in Cobol. INT2 A 2byte signed integer PIC S9(4) USAGE IS BINARY INT4 A 4byte signed integer PIC S9(9) USAGE IS BINARY FLOAT4 A 4byte singleprecision floatingpoint number COMP1 FLOAT8 An 8byte doubleprecision floatingpoint number COMP2 FLOAT16 A 16byte

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