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2020-02-29 13:35 Devices began with a singlecore processor, but engineers created more powerful devices by including more cores in one device. That led to dualcore devices. Soon there were quadcore processors (as in four cores), and now there are hexa (six) and octacore (eight) smartphones and tablets.

Comparing Smartphone Performance: Cores and Gigahertz. The first is the number of processor cores: essentially the number of brains that your mobile phone has. Most of the latest highend smartphones either feature a quadcore processor (e. g. HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III) or a dualcore processor (e. g. Apple iPhone 4S). mobile phone processor types

Samsung Hummingbird. The Hummingbird uses ARM CortexA8 architecture with the ARMv7 instruction set. This part of the SoC is commonly called the applications processor. While the ARM A8 is the basis of the chip, Samsung, along with partner Intrisity, made a good number of

A mobile processor is found in mobile computers and cellphones. A CPU chip is designed for portable computers, it is typically housed in a smaller chip package, but more importantly, in order to run cooler, it uses lower voltages than its desktop counterpart and has more sleep mode capability. mobile phone processor types

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