Typescript interface default value

2020-02-29 06:14 You can't set the default value in the interface, only in the implementation. But by default they are undefined which is mostly just fine. For the 'real' implementation your string union looks good. See also: Typescript interface default values

Setting default value for TypeScript object passed as argument. How does this apply to the OP's question regarding default value for TypeScript object passed as an argument? Typescript interface default values. 2. Is passing too much data as argument a bad practice? typescript interface default value

While @Timar's answer works perfectly for null default values (what was asked for), here another easy solution which allows other default values: Define an option interface as well as an according constant containing the defaults; in the constructor use the spread operator to set the options member variable

Interface Using TypeScript. Interface in TypeScript An interface is a set of type definitions, in other words you can define members without implementations. An interface can extend another interface using the extends keyword. You cannot implement a constructor or any function at all in an interface, and you cannot set default values. typescript interface default value

JavaScript, as well as TypeScript, doesn't support this kind of assignment in a function call. Instead I'll need to provide a value for all the parameters preceding currency. addToCart('Bicycle 99. 99, undefined, 'CAD'); When I pass a parameter an undefined value JavaScript will use the default value You either have to make all interface properties optional (bad) or specify default value also for all required fields (unnecessary boilerplate) or avoid specifying type on defaultProps. Actually you can use Typescript's interface inheritance. typescript interface default value

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