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2020-02-28 12:25 A cup of hot tea in the early morning after breakfast, some iced tea at qun cc the roadsidemakeshift shop while waiting for a friend, or a whole day chilling out in a teahouse; that is the way tea penetrates into Vietnamese daily life.

Che or Tra, is still confused even by Vietnamese people in daily language, and although many foreigners believe all teas in Vietnam are simple green teas, this is not really the case. Tea drinking has been a tradition of the Vietnamese people for over three thousand years and is vietnamese teas types

Having chosen Vietnam for its exemplary tea traditions, we've made it our goal to help Vietnam represent its teas in the best way possible, and link Vietnams local farmers to the world of tea lovers. ALL TEA TYPES. GREEN TEAS.

Vietnamese lotus tea (Vietnamese: tr sen, ch sen, or ch p sen) is a type of green tea produced in Vietnam that has been flavored with the scent of Nelumbo nucifera. It is a specialty product of the Vietnamese tea industry and is consumed as part of celebratory events or festivals. ProductionEdit. vietnamese teas types

About Vietnam. The trees are fertilized with local manure, and the teas are produced by traditional methods, and taste similar to raw (sheng) Puerh teas. [2 Vietnam is the region of origin of some styles of tea, such as lotus tea, scented with lotus blossoms, and some varieties of white tea. teas in the domestic and export markets worldwide. The types of. Vietnamese teas currently available and of interest to worldwide. buyers are large leaf, small leaf, and fannings grade black teas, large. leaf green, fannings, gunpowder, and jasmine green tea and Types Lotus tea ( tr sen) is a specialty product of the Vietnamese tea industry. Jasmine tea ( tr nhi) is produced in two grades similar to lotus tea. Tr atiso ( artichoke tea) this is a herbal tea made from the leaves, root, stalk, Tr ng ( kuding tea), called bitter tea because of its vietnamese teas types The types of Vietnamese teas of most interest to world buyers today. include various large leaf, small leaf, and fannings grade black teas, large leaf, and green fannings, gunpowder, jasmine, lotus flavored, and cinnamon flavored green tea, pouchong, ballrolled oolongs, and. yellow tea (with demand for yellow teas quickly growing in the West). With a wide range of varieties, tea in Vietnam can be separated into three main categories: green tea, tr mn (plain black tea), and scented tea tr p hng. Join us on a trip to the prolific world of traditional Vietnamese tea! Green tea Tr xanh. Green tea must always be the first to be mentioned whenever one talks about Vietnamese tea. How can the answer be improved?

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